Hueeye is
recognized internationally

Hue Eye will make more efforts to provide more reliable medical services.


hueeye is a specialized hospital for LASIK / LASEK surgery certified by the Korean Ophthalmology Society.

Hueeye has been certified as a safe LASIK / LASIK surgery hospital by fulfilling the requirements of LASIK / LASEK Surgery Certified Hospital conducted by the Korean Ophthalmology Society. In the future, I will be eye-friendly ophthalmologist who strives for safer and more perfect operation.

Hueeye Center
75, Uhyeon-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea. (The opposite wooribank)
02. Care schedule
Mon–Fri AM 9:30 – PM 18:00
Saturday AM 9:30 – PM 13:00
Night Care Mon,wed,Fri PM 18:00
Holiday AM 9:00 – PM 13:00
An overnight reservation PM 18:00
Lunch time PM 13:00 – PM 14:00

We give priority to customers.

We will replace the eye of the customer with a look into the lovely eyes of the sleeping child. This is why Hueeye exists.

Support healthy SEE life

We do not recommend harmful treatment to your eyes. It not only cuts off bad areas like pruning trees, but also helps you to think carefully about temperature, humidity, light and nutrients, and improve the environment of your eyes.

건강한 시(SEE) 생활을 돕습니다

고객님의 눈에 무리한 해로운 치료는 권하지 않습니다. 나무를 가지치기하듯 안좋은 부위를 베어내기만 하는 것이아니라, 온도, 습도, 빛과 양분에 이르기까지세심하게 고민하고 눈의 환경이 개선될 수 있도록 돕습니다.

We will be a good companion.

I am always trying to build my skills. I will be a relief ophthalmologist who is firmly rooted and absorbs the latest knowledge. We are small but determined.