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[natural adhesion]
Double eyelid operation
naturaldouble eyelid operation making eyes look bigger

Double eyelid operation

It is a way to make eyes look bigger through natural adhesion that lasts long and looks natural even when you close your eyes.

Eliminate thick muscle and fat
Double eyelid that maintains through natural adhesion
Natural tiny cutting line

Original double eyelid surgery only connect eyelid with levator muscle.

In this case, when you open your eyes, eyelid goes up only by the power of the levator muscle.
If the muscle is strong enough, your eyes would look bigger and you eyelids would look better, but it would be the other way around if it’s not.

Thus, we measure the power of eyelid levator muscle beforehand, so that you can have good looking, proper size of eyes and eyelids. For this reason, the surgery is also known as eye shaping surgery, but double eyelid operation is a correct expression.

[epicanthoplasty without scar]
Medial epicanthoplasty
Medial epicanthoplasty

Medial epicanthoplasty

It is a method through which you can have charming double eyelids that look very soft by hiding the scars which are the main drawback of original epicanthoplasty.

Merits of the surgery

  1. Your eyes look bigger.
  2. There are less scars or swellings.
  3. You can have natural eyelid line and better looking eye shape if you go side by side with double eyelid surgery. However, correction effect might not be enough.

Differences from original surgery

:In case of original epicanthoplasty, it might induce scars or it would make eyes look stuffed. However, in case of our scar-less medial epicanthoplasty, we incise along the eyelashes, so that we can hide scars. Also we get rid of Mongolian fold, if available, and re allocate skin naturally in order to make space between eyes look narrower and give the others flat impression

Since you are allowed to do wash up and make up after eliminating the stitch on the 4th day after the surgery, you can cover up the part you had surgery. Swelling is not going to be serious, and the scars would become natural after about 1-3 months.