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[Meister vision correction surgery is extraordinary]
Meister LASIK
Side effect ZERO
Meister LASIK needs  medical examination in advance including .
40 different kinds of tests
3D pentacam test

AVELLINO test is a kind of DNA test in order to find out any signs of corneal dystrophy which can be discovered from every 1 out of 1,300

AMARIS all-laser LASEK

We offer safe vision correction surgery and fast recovery

Since we insist on using only the best equipment well-known for its great performance.

Which means recovery is about 2 times faster.

All-laser LASEK

Only requires 2 days

Original LASEK

Maximum 5 days

Comparing the post-surgery state after 2 days

AMARIS all-laser LASEK overcame thedrawbacks of original LASEK including pain and slow vision recovery speed by only utilizing laser surgery without any other apparatus or medicines

Original LASEK

Need to repair damage

All-laser LASEK

Recovery of wound completed


The equipment best known for
its great performance in the world currently

Fastest Surgery

The smallest and most elaborate
Super Gaussian Beam

Post-Correction Check

Real-time cornea thickness measurement
Program built-in


750 Hz fast laser survey speed
Soften the cornea after the operation
clear vision correction


Highest eye tracking detection in 6 dimensions, Auto-detection of pupils,Auto-Lighting Functions

Debris removal

Remove fine swarf immediately

Heat controller

After surgery due to heat of laser
Minimize pain or corneal damage

Application of Wavefront

Reproducibility of the
pupil size during surgery

Expected subjects
who need AMARIS
all-laser LASEK

  • One who wants to regain clear and better vision after surgery
  • One who prefers safer and more accurate surgery than original LASEK
  • One who needs to return to one’s daily life as soon as possible
  • One who worries about nocturnal blurring
  • One who has chronic dry eye syndrome
  • One with high myopia or thin cornea
Meister LASIK Q&A

Dr. Bae gives you the answers for the questions on the Meister LASIK to make you feel more comfortable

What is the Meister LASIK?

Meister LASIK is the very combination of our long-time know-how for LASIK surgery and customer services. More specifically, it is our own LASIK surgery system including accurate pre-surgery inspection stage, consistent medical team through whole medical process from diagnosis to surgery, high satisfaction for the surgery, and post-surgery management.

What is the unique characteristics of the Meister LASIK compared to original LASIK?

Not to mention the outstanding and safe equipment that we use, Meister LASIK reduces any damage to your eyes as much as possible by allowing tear to be smoothly excreted with our pre-surgery ScienTear system. It also offers fast recovery so that you can return to your daily lives remarkably faster than the original LASIK. Furthermore, expert medical team in charge gets involved in every processes including pre and post-surgical processes to make you as convenient as possible. Through these processes mentioned above, we can assure you the superiority of our surgery processes and the result as well.

LASIK surgery is more or less worrying to anyone, so what about Meister LASIK?

We always try to be prudent by applying far stricter standard than what is suggested from world academic conferences when figuring out the proper subjects. As you can see from our inspection processes, our medical teams examine thoroughly in order to find out undiscovered eye problems. That is, we eliminate every factors that might cause side effect from the beginning of the inspection processes. In effect, we never had a single case with any side effects.

Patients who want LASIK surgery might wonder their expected post-surgery visual acuity.

According to the statistics on our patients of Meister LASIK surgery, 99.8% of them got over 0.8, 96.5% over 1.0, and 85% over 1.2, so we can assure you minimum of 0.8 post-surgery vision acuity.

Any last words for the future patients?

It is all the same for every kinds of medical problems, but I put emphasis on the very basics especially for the ophthalmic surgery, since eye takes very important position among our body parts. Some emphasizes on the superiority of cutting edge equipment, but actually world academic conferences focus on vision correction stick to the basic principles. We promise you to make your eyes comfortable with our LASIK surgery focusing on the basics. Thank you.

[deliberate personalized vision correction using Aberrometer]
Wavefront LASIK
What is Wavefront?

Wavefront LASIK

It is a kind of vision correction surgery after measuring refraction level of the whole eye more accurately.

Wavefront LASIK is an ideal method for personalized laser surgery, since we can even measure tiny refractions like irregular astigmatism and high order aberration, which we couldn’t measure with original inspection methods, with more deliberate equipment.

For most cases, you can obtain more than 1.0 of visual acuity, along with clear and better vision.

Furthermore, side effects of original LASIK surgeries like nocturnal blurring and nocturnal decreased visual acuity are far less likely to occur, so many of our patients are satisfied with our surgery.

However, if there is weak high order aberration or high myopia, we cannot assure you satisfying result.

Subjects for the Wavefront LASIK.

which is a surgical method measuring refraction of the whole eye more deliberately

  • One who wants clear post-correction vision
  • One who works for a job that requires better visual acuity
  • One who wants more than 1.0 of post-correction visual acuity
  • One who worries about the side effects of LASIK surgery
  • One who often drives at night
  • One who has side effects from past LASIK surgery
[recover vision with simple re-correction]
LASIK/LASEK re-correction surgery

Reasons why you choose re-surgery

The most common reasons include
Remaining myopia even after the surgery.
Refraction abnormality due to regression.

Since most of the patients are afraid of re-surgery, we suggest you simple re-correction to recover vision.
Also, we could improve your post-surgical visual acuity and night vision with our ‘Meister LASIK when you feel unsatisfied with the visual recovery after your past LASIK surgery.

How we perform re-surgery

We also need enough inspection for the state of your eyes for re-surgery.
Especially for the re-surgery, we need to clarify whether you are a proper subject for the surgery, so that we can improve your vision safely. Therefore, re-surgery needs know-hows and delicacy of the medical team for both inspection process and surgery more than for the first surgery.

[Surgery in order to recover from decreased visual acuity due to Presbyopia]
Presbyopia LASEK surgery
Subjects for the presbyopia LASEK surgery

This case includes one with myopia during his/her youth later
got presbyopia during his/her old ages.
One who wants to correct both proximal and distal vision
for this reason could be the proper subject.

Advantages of the surgery

It is a kind of LASIK surgery performing distal correction for the dominant eye, remaining the non-dominant be capable of focusing on proximal objects, and simultaneously performing Wavefront inspection considering light transmission system. We check if we can apply this surgery before the surgery by using simulation wearing contact lenses. The surgery goes for 10 minutes each for the eyes. We assure you of no pain after surgery, and about 1 week of recovery period [Non-dominant eye / dominant eye

About pre-surgery inspection and surgery process of presbyopia LASEK surgery

  • Application and guidance : we explain you about the process of presbyopia LASEK surgery
  • Pre-surgery visual acuity inspection : we measure pre-surgery bare eye visual acuity
  • Refraction test (topography) : we perform eye refraction tests including autorefraction test, intraocular pressure test, corneal topographical map inspection, pupilometry, and pachymetry
  • Pentacam test (eye CT):we analyze your eyes with state-of-the-art anterior eye CT equipment, so that we can analyze anterior and posterior corneal outline, volume, and relationship between iris and peripheral cornea.
  • OCT : we examine three dimensionally by taking long wavelength CT on retina and optic nerves, to find out whether there is any optic problem
  • Wearing contact lenses:you are asked to wear contact lenses for about 1-2 weeks in order to figure out whether we can apply laser presbyopia surgery.
  • Presbyopia LASEK surgery: based on the inspections above including pentacam test, we perform deliberate surgery by utilizing patented technology of NIDEC, (Japan) slit scan and flying spot.
    We assure you that the surgery result would be accurate and reliable, due to the deliberate center aiming technology and rapid cutting.
  • Final vision test: we evaluate distal vision from dominant eye and proximal vision from non-dominant eye. Presbyopia LASEK is safe and accurate enough to satisfy you the most.
Precautions for the presbyopia LASEK surgery

HUEEYE presbyopia LASEK surgery

Our doctor specialized in presbyopia LASEK surgery and NIDEK SYSTEM offer you safe surgery without any side effects.

Guess why we chose NIDEK SYSTEM. Japanese optic technology and cutting-edge equipment manufacturing is already well known for its great quality. Furthermore, they make equipment based on Japanese who are much more similar with Koreans than the westerners including Americans or Europeans, especially Germans, who normally have bigger eyes than us on average, so that we can perform a little bit more comfortable surgery and obtain stable result.

Surgery day

You might feel dazzling eyes after 15 minutes from the surgery due to weakening anesthesia.
You should use cold artificial tear once every 15 minutes right after the surgery.
You should remove the eye patch that you wear after the surgery next morning.

Within a week after the surgery

We recommend you not to take a bath or shampoo for 2-3 days after the surgery.
You’d better wash your face only with wet tissues. Do not rub your eyes, and maintain your eye patch while you’re sleeping.
Don’t try to make up your eyes for a week. Stay away from drinking alcohol and any extreme sports activities including swimming, badminton, and tennis.

Within a month after the surgery

You can remove your eye patches from now on. You can do swimming, drinking, and eye make-up. However, do not rub your eyes intensely for a month. We suggest you to wear sunglasses in order to avoid ultra violet rays.

Patients must check if they are included in the range of proper subjects for the surgery through inspections and enough consultation with the doctors. There are individual differences in vision recovery, so it might take from a week as minimum to 6 months in maximum in order to obtain stable vision, so please take that in mind. You should strictly stick to the instructions from the center, and you should avoid any intense stimulus to the eyes at least a month after the surgery.

FAQ on the presbyopia LASEK

What is LASIK surgery?

It is a very precise corneal refractive surgery using NIDEK’s patented Slit Scan and Flying Spot laser irradiation method and center aiming function.

Who are exempted from the surgery?

Patients who couldn’t adapt during the pre-surgery adaptation test using contact lenses, who are taking pills for medical purposes, who are with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and past eye diseases (serious dry eye syndrome, over 21 of intraocular pressure, abnormal cornea refraction, and unstable cornea)

How many of the patients are satisfied with the presbyopia LASEK surgery?

According to the clinical result reported on July 2007 from FDA (USA), 97% of the patients were satisfied after 6 months from presbyopia surgery. 87% of the patients obtained over 1.0 of distal visual acuity, and 88% over 1.0 of proximal visual acuity

Is there any side effects?

The possibility of side effects is nearly zero, if a specialized doctor perform the surgery based on the basic principles with verified equipment.

When can we obtain perfect vision after the presbyopia LASEK surgery?

Vision improvement might proceed for about 3 months at most. There are individual differences, but normally you can obtain better vision after 3 months after the surgery