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[lens you wear while sleeping]
Dream lens
lens you wear while sleeping Dream lens

Dream lens

When you wear lenses while sleeping, they make central cornea flat like the shape of lenses, so we can correct myopia or delay myopia of the children and juveniles who are in their growing period.

Dream lens, which is also known as ideal lens, is a kind of vision correction method that changes the refraction power of cornea while sleeping so that you can maintain clear vision without glasses during daytime. In addition, a research reported that the Dream lens was effective in suppress the further progression of myopia from 42.8% of the children.

Necessity of Dream lens for the children and juveniles during their growing period

  1. Once decreased visual acuity is hardly recovered during the growing period. Furthermore, it could lead to chronic disorder like amblyopia, if we do not take proper correction.
  2. According to a research of ophthalmologists, Dream lens suppressed myopia progression from 42.8% of the children who wore it.
  3. Children and juveniles under age of 19 accounts for 64.4% of all myopia patients.

Applicable subjects

  • Children and juveniles with early myopia or fast progressing myopia (wearable over age of 7)
  • One who worries about vision correction surgery
  • One who has complications due to existing contact lenses
  • One who works for special jobs that do not allow wearing glasses (athletes, fire fighters, flight attendances, etc.)
  • One who needs vision correction due to unstable vision after taking laser surgery for high myopia

Before and after correction

Before and after correction

Step 1

Put Dream lens on central

cornea before sleeping.

Step 2

Corneal cells move toward

the center while sleeping.

Step 3

Central cornea becomes flat

in the morning.

Lens fitting process

we improve your vision by
recommending proper lens and
help you remain comfortable
even while wearing the lens
with scrupulous care.

Decide right type and prescription of the lens
Try out
Receive lens and learn how to manage it
[Rigid Gas Permeable lens]
RGP lens
RGP lens?

RGP lens

RGP lens is capable of correcting corneal astigmatism, since the round shaped anterior part of the lens forms substitute refracting face, regardless of the original shape of cornea

Applicable subject

  • In case of myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia.
  • In case of recurring myopia or astigmatism after past LASIK or LASEK surgery.


Slit lamp microscope inspection
Measuring visual acuity and refraction
Corneal curvature test
Basal tear amount test
[comfortable lens with minimized side effect]
Soft lens

Soft lens

Soft lens is composed of soft material that absorbs water well enough that anyone can put on and adaptto it without inconvenience

Tear pathway of soft lens

Applicable subjects

  • One who wants to use lenses for only short period of less than a year
  • One who wears lens less than 8 hours a day
  • One who has comparably weak dry eye syndrome
  • One who has difficulty adapting to hard lenses
  • One who wears lenses intermittently
  • One who often participate in sports/leisure activities
  • One who has short working time on proximal jobs (books, computers)
  • One who has weak myopia or astigmatism