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[Things are blurry phenomenon]
Premium Cataract Surgery

What is cataract

Light entering the eye is refracted as it passes through the lens and forms an image on the retina, and as cataracts of these crystals turbidity and light does not pass properly, it makes you look like a hazy view is a disease that is dusty.

Surgery Description

Laser cataract surgery, through introducing state-of-the-art equipment augmented reality, is a premium cataract surgery. That have solved the cataracts with minimal incision and minimized the corneal damage. It is not a hand method surgical procedure with knife, but is a surgery through advanced laser equipment, solving not only the cataract but also eye diseases correction such as astigmatism that comes along with cataracts with three-dimensional stereoscopic incision

Laser cataract surgery
Incision Method High-Tech LANSAR Laser
Incision results Accurate circular
Corneal Damage Almost None
Artificial Crystalline Lens Pinpoint Exact Position
Recovery period Fast
Dry eye syndrome/Complications Almost None

Presbyopia artificial crystals


Surgical Microscope

Provides a high quality of vision to operating surgeon when doing cataract surgery, and is a suitable high-precision microscope that can ensure stability in the eye surgery where extreme accuracy is required.

Ultrasound Cataract

In addition to the removal of the collapsed lens, is also a surgical equipment designed to minimize the complications that occur during surgery, such as damage to the corneal endothelium, rupture of the posterior capsule, effective removal of hard nuclei, while maintaining stability of the eye during cataract surgery.

Premium cataract surgery

Astigmatic correction

Perform precise corneal astigmatism correction according to world-proven astigmatism correction system, NAPA Nomogram.

Toric IOL

It is a precision intraocular lens for correction of astigmatism. Well trained professionals are together for difficult inspection, preliminary preparation, and and the operation in progress.

Premium cataract surgery 4 蕪

무 입원

수술 후 따로 입원할 필요가 없으며 다음날부터 일상생활을 하는데 지장이 없습니다.

무 출혈

수술 과정 중 인공 수정체 삽입에 필요한 최소한의 절개만으로 수술이 이루어지므로 출혈이 거의 발생하지 않습니다.

무 통증

많은 환자분들이 수술 통증에 대한 두려움을 가지게 되는데 프리미엄 백내장 수술법은 수술 후에도 거의 통증이 없어 생활에 불편함을 주지 않습니다.

무 봉합

프리미엄 백내장 수술은 따로 봉합이 필요 없는 최첨단 백내장 수술입니다.

[Presbyopia/Cataract Treatment Method]
IOL surgery
IOL Surgery

IOL Surgery

It is curative presbyopia surgery and cataract treatment that used various kinds of intraocular lens, which have received FDA certification.

Unregulated IOL divides the light that comes into the eyes by long distances, medium and short distances. At this point, according to the manner of dividing the light, it can be dividend in detail into refraction type, diffraction type, mixed type.

Close Distance

As the pressure of vitreous increases, it pushes the lens forward.

Medium Distance

platoon shrinks for medium distance vision, generating a pressure difference between the anterior chamber and the posterior chamber and push forward.

Far distance

The optics are relaxed against the vitreous surface for far distance vision

Method of dividing light

Refraction type
Diffraction type
Mixed type

Refraction type IOL

  • Excellent advantage for long distance, very good for medium distance vision
  • Recommended for people with golf, cuisine, online activity
  • REZOOM multifocal lens

ReZoom multifocal IOL research assign 5 various zone scientifically based on Balanced View Optice TM technology, and enables near distance and long distance vision, which it can also provide medium distance vision more than 50cm by giving aspheric Transition between each zone.

Diffraction type IOL

  • Advantage in night vision and close work
  • Tecnis TM multifocal IOL

Designs non-spherical IOL based on accurately analyzed results of spherical number value that Tecnis TM multifocal IOL catarac patients have, and enables you to see clearly and cleanly as it holds ideal balance between cornea and IOL.

Mixed IOL

  • Center is designed as diffraction type, and surrounding is designed refraction type
  • Excellent for near distance vision
  • Restor, Acrysof multifocal IOL surgery

The United States, Restor, Acrysof of is a cataract surgery that uses special IOL. There is two focus inside the lens, which one is a near distance focus that enables comfortable reading, and the other is a focus customized for long distance that is met in daily life. It further strengthens the near vision and reduces night vision problems and light blurring, as it is processed finely and precisely to make it reduce gradually to 50/1 to 1/300 height hair from 12 concentric circles in the center of the surface.

Various IOL

[Cataract and Presbyopia treated at same time]
Match View
Match View

Match View

Match view lens insertion surgery is a surgery method that could treat cataract and presbyopia at once.

This is a method to practice refraction type and diffraction type IOL with individual customized correction according to the individual work environment and city life.

Match View FAQ

I do not want glasses or contents lenses after surgery, is it possible with match View individual vision solutions?

Each individual’s eyesight and lifestyle and eyes and features vary depending on the state of the results. Some people have to wear glasses sometimes when doing night driving or reading a are very small writings. However, the frequency to wear the glasses are much more reduced when doing daily life for most of the people.

How is the refraction type and swivel type mulfifocal IOL differ from existing cataract treatment purpose IOL?

Existing general singular focus IOL generally provided good long distance vision, so there were requirements to wear magnifying glasses when seeing near distance things. Compared to this, refraction and diffraction type multilfocal lens divides the focal distance by work distance,providing excellent vision for both darkness and light.

Can Match View Personalized vision solution may not be suitable?

Through sufficient pre-test and consultation, the surgeon in charge will select and consult multifocal IOL carefully according to your eyes health conditions for you to have optimized eyesight. Rather than having Match View Personalized Vision solution, general lens insertion can be more optimal.

How does the IOL replace the existing IOL?

Removing the original opacified lens through a small incision and inserting the intraocular lens in place will permanently be in the eye. Cataract surgery takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Match View surgery will recover not only the cataract surgery after surgery but also free long distance near distance vision.

How long will it take to have the best vision after surgery?

In most cases, the recovery period varies depending on the health of the overall eyes. The eyesight becomes immediately better for the majority of the people, but for the first few weeks, you can feel that it is improving continuously.

How much adjustment period do you need for ReZoom and multifocal lens?

The majority of people require a little time to adjust after being treated with a new multifocal lens. Depending on the status of the individual adaptation period may vary. New double-light from the minority due to the focal lens has been reported on this phenomenon, but as the time passes, it will gradually decrease. Most people do not see any serious side effects associated with multifocal lenses.