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Vitreous floaters
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Vitreous floaters
HUEEYE vitreous floater treatment

Vitreous floaters

Patients with vitreous floaters feels like there is something floating in front of their eyes like dust or insect. In this case, one or more dots move along with the direction of you eye focus. For example, when you look up, the dots move upward, and when you look right side, the dots also move to the right. Of course you cannot catch them with your hands.

Vitreous floaters treatment center

The center operated by the HUEEYE is performing treatment using Nd-YAG laser, which is the very first laser introduced to Korea that is specialized for the vitreous floaters other than any other optical diseases.

Anyone who suffered the floaters, but only could hear from doctors that “we cannot fix it,” or “there is no need to fix it,” can experience the possibility of alleviating symptoms through laser surgery.