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Can I take a trip to abroad after surgery?

  • Lens insertion / LASIK

You can take off 2-3 days after the surgery. However, your eyes can easily become dry for 1-2 weeks, so please keep in mind that you should frequently use artificial tears and eye drops. If you have difficulty visiting the center due to your travel schedule, you should consult our medical team beforehand.


You can take off after removing your protective lens which will approximately take 7-10 days. However, your eye surface could be rough, unless you keep your eyes hydrated during corneal recovery period. Thus, you should frequently use artificial tears to preventyour eyes from serious dryness or corneal detachment. You should also use eye drops and concern about ultra violet ray when you travel to somewhere with strong sunlight. You must consult our medical team if you are not able to visit our center due to your travel schedule.

Can I take cataract or glaucoma surgery after vision correction surgery?

Normal LASIK or LASEK surgery is not a constraint against cataract or glaucoma surgery.
In the past, deciding prescription of intraocular lens was comparatively inaccurate after cataract surgery.
However, currently, we can do it more accurately even when you took correction surgery for refraction anomalies including LASIK.
Keep in mind that you’d better be well-acquainted with your pre-surgical corneal refraction level, for more accurate prescription.
Recent tendency on treatment for glaucoma include mostly medicine, and injection which you can take following the doctor’s opinion.
If you took lens insertion surgery and then acquired cataract afterward, we can proceed surgery after removing the lens without any problem.

What if I have regression after my vision correction surgery?

You’ll be announced about what to do after diagnosis until your vision becomes stable.
We’ll let you know whether you can take re-surgery or not after that. For the most of the cases, our doctors would decide re-surgery if the cornea is thick enough, and at the same time, it is possible to perform safe surgery. In this case, there isn’t any extra charge for re-surgery.

How long does the surgery takes?

On the day of LASIK surgery, you’ll first take few more important tests that you took during pre-surgical investigation. It’ll take total of 2-3 hours including 1 hour for the investigation and preparation, 15-20 minutes for surgery, and few more minutes for recovering.

On the day of LASEK surgery, you’ll take few more important tests that you took during pre-surgical investigation before the surgery. It’ll take total of 2-3 hours including 1 hour for the investigation and preparation, 10-15 minutes for surgery, and 30 minutes for recovering.

C. Lens insertion
You’ll take few more tests and then take surgery. It’ll take total of 2-3 hours including 1 hour for the investigation and preparation, 20-30 minutes for surgery, and few more minutes for recovering.

Notice – we announce you that the every time schedule mentioned above could be changed according to personal eye status and your cooperation.

What kind of aftereffect can occur after LASIK / LASEK surgery?

‘Corneal opacity’ due to strong exposure to ultra violet ray after surgery, ‘dry eye syndrome’ due to unstable tear film of corneal surface caused by laser, ‘conical cornea’ which appears when the remaining cornea extrudes due to high intraocular pressure after cutting too much of corneal surface, ‘nocturnal blurring’ which appears when pupil becomes larger than the surgery area, ‘decreased visual acuity’ when corneal surface becomes rough or surgery area is not recovered evenly, and ‘regression of LASIK’ which is a tendency to regress toward pre-surgery status are all possible.

Like all other surgeries, you might experience one or two complications or post-surgical symptoms after vision correction surgery. However, you don’t need to worry too much about them, since most of the problems are minor things. Furthermore, post-surgical complications and side effects are undoubtedly decreasing recently due to rich amount of clinical experiences on vision correction surgery and improvement of laser equipment.

What is the difference between LASIK and LASEK?

In case of LASIK, we irradiate laser to the target area of cornea after slicing the surface thin in order to correct vision. Recovery is fast and vision is stable with this mean, however, it could be inappropriate if the cornea is too thin already, or if you need intense correction.

In case of LASEK, we remove surface of the cornea and irradiate laser. We can even perform with thin cornea or small eyes with which we have difficulty performing LASIK surgery. Since we remove the surface of the cornea, you would feel pain for about 3 days. You need longer recovery and stabilization period, and you should stay away from ultra violet ray for 4-6 months.

Since each surgery has its own strengths and weaknesses. You’d better consult us after investigation to decide the best surgery for you.

Is there any possibility of recurrence after cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is changing opaque lens in phacocyst to clean opaque lens. However, sometimes there occurs opacity in this phacocyst even after cataract surgery, which we call secondary cataract. We can treat it simply with laser.

Does the visual acuity changes after cataract surgery?

In case of patients with high myopia, we normally let myopia remain a bit for the comforts of the patients even after the cataract surgery. Bare eye visual acuity after the surgery is going to be about 0.2-0.3, and you’ll be taking glasses for your daily lives.

When can I start exercise?

After 1 week from the surgery, you can do light exercises like jogging that would not harm your eyes.
However, we recommend you to do the heavy exercises that make you sweat a lot or that put pressure on your eyes like weight training, yoga, and health, after 2 weeks. Swimming and ball games including soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and ping pong are allowed after 1 month.

Is it fine to use eye drops even if it stings?

Your eyes could sting or dazzle temporarily if you use eye drops while your eyes are dry.
Please use artificial tears beforehand in order to alleviate the symptom.

What if my vision weakens right after the surgery?

Any surgery needs recovery period. So do LASIK and LASEK surgery.
There could be some inconveniences like change of visual acuity, feeling of irritation and dryness during the period, but you would feel better after some time.
Please keep using eye drops and visit the center on the appointed day for timely diagnosis.