Terms of Use

Hueeye Terms of Use

1. General Provisions
The internet service site operated by eye friendly eye clinic (hereinafter “hospital”) grows and grows by the active use of the member. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your privacy online.

The privacy of the hospital is protected as follows.

This protection policy complies with the Personal Information Protection Regulations of the Information Communication Network Utilization Promotion Act, and the Personal Information Protection Regulations established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.
Since the hospital may change the personal information provided by the user through the privacy policy, the policy for adding the new internal service and expanding the service may be added / changed. Therefore, In order to protect information, we make sure that you can always see what is being done by making it public on the homepage of the homepage.

2. Acceptance and collection method of collecting personal information
The hospital does not collect personal information without your consent.
If you click the “Do you agree with the terms?” Button by clicking the “Do you agree with the terms?” Button on the details of the hospital’s privacy policy or terms of use, you agree to the collection of personal information see.

The information you receive when you sign up for the service is your name, date of birth, email, and mobile phone number. Please note that the information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than to provide the service or to inform you in advance.

3. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
The hospital collects personal information only when you voluntarily and specifically fill out the form.
This is a personalized service that requires you to identify yourself as a member, or to guide you through free consultations, text services, and other new services.

In addition, when participating in various events, we collect personal information by asking for service purposes. In this case, separate from this Privacy Statement, we specify how we collect personal information, how to use it, and how we protect it.

E-mailing service is available at any time, if you wish.

4. Collection of personal information by cookies
Hospitals use “cookies” that store and retrieve your information from time to time to provide personalized and customized services to you. A cookie is a small data package sent by a server used to run a website to a user’s browser and stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer.
By using cookies, hospitals can understand how to visit and use the company services they visit, so that hospitals can create and provide more useful and convenient services.

We also use cookies to find information about your identity in order to provide you with more useful and useful services.

You must allow cookies to access the personalized or customized services you use after accessing the hospital. In addition, we use cookie information for authentication and purchasing when purchasing goods and paid content from hospital related sites, and use cookies to check your participation in other events or surveys.
You have a choice of cookies. By selecting an option in your web browser, you can allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
However, if you refuse to store cookies, you will not be able to use the services of a company that requires login.

5. Non-use and provision to third parties
The hospital does not share personal information without the consent of the member. However, we may provide your personal information to our affiliates or partners, or share them with our affiliates or partners, in order to better serve you.
In such cases, it is used within the range specified in , and it is used beyond the scope of this information, and it is not provided to other person or other company or organization.
However, if you use your personal information for other purposes, we will provide you with a way to notify you and deny service, and if you are legally required to do so, you will be required to protect the Internet services and user’s rights and property We do not disclose personal information except when it is necessary and when it is urgent to protect personal safety.
In addition, when the user himself or herself permits, or when some information is inevitably necessary for the purpose of conducting business transactions, except when there is a request from the information agency by lawful procedure in accordance with the relevant law. In addition, personal information is used for the advertiser. In this case, specific information (such as member information) of the individual is not provided to the advertiser. Only aggregate information about the type of advertiser’s interest is provided.

6. Viewing personal information. Correction, deletion
You can read or correct your registered personal information at any time, and you can request to delete your ID. You can view and correct your personal information by modifying your membership information. To delete your ID, please click on the member withdrawal in the Membership Info preferences and proceed in the prescribed order.
If you have any other complaints or suggestions, please send an email to admin@staffcnc.com and we will notify you immediately.

7. Retention and Destruction of Personal Information
As a member of the hospital, your personal information will remain in the hospital while you receive services provided by the hospital and will be used to provide services. However, if a member of the hospital requests deletion or cancellation of the ID in accordance with the procedures described in his / her “Viewing, correcting and deleting personal information”, and if the purpose of receiving the personal information previously provided to the member is achieved, Personal information will be completely deleted from the Members DB by methods that can not be played, and will be processed so that it can not be used for purposes other than the purpose of confirming withdrawal.
o In the event that the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Consumer Protection Act for e-commerce, set forth, the information will be retained for a certain period of time set by the laws and regulations even after the withdrawal of membership.

① Record of advertising and advertising: June
② Record of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years
③ Record of payments and supply of goods: 5 years
o We will keep your information for one year after membership withdrawal in order to prevent confusion of use of the service and cooperate with the investigating agency investigation of illegal users.

8. Technology and Institution Policy for Personal Information Protection
1) User information is protected by password. Only a system administrator and a person authorized by the hospital can modify / delete it. Therefore, the password should not be disclosed to a third party. Hospital officials do not ask for personal information or ID password on the phone or E-mail first, regardless of service. Do not set your passwords to be automatically saved when you use your computer in public places or share your computer with others, log out and log out and close your web browser. Please take action.

2) Any personal information provided voluntarily by the user, whether intentionally or not intentionally, through the bulletin board, e-mail, or other Internet service on each site of the hospital, may be collected and processed by others, Please keep in mind that others can be exploited and exploited. The hospital is not responsible for the personal information disclosed in this way.

Specific destruction time is as follows.
1) For membership information: When a member withdraws from membership or is expelled from membership
2) When collected for temporary purpose such as questionnaire, event: When the questionnaire survey, event, etc. are finished
However, for the purposes such as the provision of the law or the provision to the investigation agency as follows, you can hold your personal information until a certain point even after the member withdraws.

9. Consignment processing of personal information
The hospital does not disclose the personal information collected in principle. Exceptions are made in cases where there is a legitimate demand pursuant to a legitimate procedure and in the case of the same hospital.

1) Suppliers and sponsors; If you work with an outside company for a specific service, you can share your personal information. In this case, we have made it possible for you to make your choice in advance.

10. Feedback and complaints
The hospital is doing its best to protect the privacy of information. Please feel free to contact admin@hueeye.com for any improvements or suggestions on the privacy policy.

11. Personal information manager
Personal Information Management Department: admin@hueeye.com
Personal Information Technology Department: admin@hueeye.com

12. Protecting Children’s Privacy
Children under the age of 14 must not send information about themselves to others and must obtain permission from their parents before sending. The company will not send any advertising mail other than newsletters to children under the age of 14.

13. Confirmation of responsibility for privacy
The Company shall not be liable for any leakage or infringement of personal information by third parties other than those listed in the above Personal Information Protection Policy.

※ The above privacy policy will be effective from December 24, 2015.